Have you decided to improve your physical appearance and you are wondering how to lighten the skin but you still have some doubts? Do not worry: we have an answer for all the questions that are coming to your mind right now. With this simple, clear and comprehensive information you can start a lightening treatment for your private parts with Bleaching Line®, without any thought or worry.

Yup! The satisfaction of our customers is the best demonstration.

No. We would like to point out that the components used to make the cream are of natural origin and there are no harmful parabens, perfumes or chemicals. We use only natural ingredients to achieve the desired results.

The Bleaching Line® lightening cream, thanks to its active ingredients, prevents the development of melanin in your skin. In fact, melanin is the chemical that causes dark pigment in epithelial cells. Bleaching Line® fights external hyperpigmentation while working deeply into the internal tissue, slowing and reducing the amount of excess or non-homogeneously distributed melanin. Understanding how to lighten the skin with Bleaching Line® is simple: its strength consists in intervening on melanogenesis, significantly reducing the production of this substance.
Using Bleaching Line® regularly and evenly in the areas to be treated, for at least 4 weeks, your body and your skin, in a totally natural way and without you noticing it, will remove the old skin cells and replace them with new epithelial cells. that will have less melanin and, therefore, a lighter color. Bleaching Line® promotes cellular turnover for a lighter, velvety and luminous skin.

Note: Results may vary from person to person. An incorrect use of the product does not guarantee reliable results.

Specific needs and particular situations

No. It is not advisable to use this cream during pregnancy or breastfeeding: although made with natural components, like any other skin care cream, it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. If, therefore, you are in an interesting state and you are wondering how to lighten the skin it is preferable to avoid using skin creams during pregnancy since it is not yet clear how these can affect the baby. We also do not recommend even more strongly to use Bleaching Line® on the nipples during breastfeeding, since its contents may be ingested by the baby. In addition, pregnancy hormones often cause skin hyperpigmentation, even after pregnancy, so it is best to wait until breastfeeding is over to begin using Bleaching Line® safely.

Absolutely yes. It is a cream formulated precisely for the intimate parts: although it must be applied externally, in fact, even if the cream were to erroneously penetrate into the orifice, there would be no contraindications. The annoying shade around the anus will only be a memory in a few weeks.

Absolutely yes. As in the previous case, there are no contraindications if it were to mistakenly penetrate a small amount of cream inside the vagina.

Can Bleaching Line® be used on any type of skin?
Yes. Bleaching Line® can be used by men and women of all different races and skin types. The absorption of the cream will also be quick and will not leave residues.

Yes. However, we recommend waiting at least 30 minutes before applying another cream.
If you are going to be in direct sunlight or under sunlamps, we advise you to use – 30 minutes after applying Bleaching Line® – a sunscreen with a sun protection of at least 30 SPF.
Finally we advise not to use exfoliating creams during the treatment period with Bleaching Line®.

How to use Bleaching Line

We recommend using our lightening cream 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. Apply the cream with a light massage on the areas to be treated until completely absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes.

Understanding how to lighten the skin is simple: use the product as indicated above, until the desired skin tone has been achieved.

Absolutely not. It does not burn like a laser or like “chemical” creams! There is no alcohol, perfume or aggressive chemical components. On the contrary, during the application of the cream, a sensation of freshness will be perceived and the skin will feel like “velvety” to the touch.

If you are wondering how to lighten the skin in total privacy, remember that our lightening cream will be sent to you within 12 / 24h of the purchase. The package will be anonymous and will not be identifiable by either express courier or other persons. The package will not include the contents of the package or the name of the site from which you purchased. Speed and discretion of deliveries are our main rules.